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Rylan 3 Month Summary

 Time seems to be flying by since Rylan was born. Life with a newborn can be chaotic, but throw a toddler into the mix and it seems like every minute is filled with some kind of craziness. In an effort to remember these times that are so easily forgotten (what with the lack of sleep and insane amount of effort it sometimes takes to make it through an hour let alone a day!), I’ve decided to do periodic updates on the kids. 

Rylan turns 3 months today. Sometimes I feel like we just had him, but most of the time I can’t even remember what our lives were like before he arrived. He’s the perfect little addition to our family. He’s generally a very happy baby, especially in the mornings. He will wake-up all smiles, regardless of the kind of night he’s had. This has given us a bit of reassurance as we recently sleep trained him. Letting him cry was really difficult, but seeing his bright happy face in the morning let us know that all was forgiven and forgotten. Though usually not for long, this kid can really scream when he wants something. He reaches octaves we never heard with Brandon. The fact that he calms right down the minute he gets what he wants and pastes a big smug grin on his face has Brad and I a little nervous about his manipulation skills. Lord help us in the teenage years!

In the past few weeks he has started grasping small items, like a rattle and has also rolled over from tummy to back a few times. He’s moving around so much in his crib that we actually had to put bumpers on to keep him from hitting his head! He loves to watch Brandon, but he especially likes the tv – ugh! I don’t let him watch it but for the 30 minutes that Brandon watches Elmo or Special Agent Oso. Rylan actually had a long “conversation” with the Oso stuffed animal the other day. It was very cute.

Here’s a typical rundown of his day:

7am – wake-up and bottle of BM, get dressed and hang with mom as she finishes dishes/laundry
7:30 – sit in bouncy chair as we get Brandon up, fed and dressed
8:30 – out for a walk or trip to the park in the bjorn or stroller – will sleep the whole time
11 – bottle and tummy time, look at the mobile in the crib while mom showers
12:30-3 – nap at some point and play time with mommy
3 – bottle and play with Brandon once he’s up
4:30 – nap
6 – sit in bouncy chair at table while the family eats dinner
6:40 – bath
7 – bottle
7:30/8 – bedtime!

* Last week was the first time he went all night without a bottle. He would wake-up 1 or 2 times in the night and cry for a few minutes for a few nights, but now he’s sleeping solid for at least 10 hours. If he wakes before 7, we will turn on the mobile and let him chill in the crib while we finish getting ready.


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